Sunday, January 27, 2013


I got yelled at for not posting new pictures last week (sorry, Mich).  Also sorry for this being a really long post.

My main project last weekend was spray painting all of the door knobs.  They were originally the *totally awesome* 80's brass, and it's really just not our style.  I used the same method that the adorable couple over at Young House Love used.  

First I started with the brassy knobs...

And sanded them...

Then wiped them with liquid deglosser, laid them out on some cardboard, and sprayed them with the spraypaint...

These pics are blurry and not very good.  They actually look a lot better in person.

So I finished those up with another coat this weekend and they look great.  I did the same thing with the giant ceiling fan that was hanging in the great room, since it was kind of a weird grayish-tan.  This will make it look a lot nicer, and will tie in with the rest of the hardware.

Last weekend, Kelly (our painter), Matt, and I sanded all the doors, and primed them:

Just like this, but there were 11 of them.  Yay.

This weekend, I sanded them again and Matt and Kelly did a first coat of finish paint.  During the week, Kelly did all the ceilings, so I was able to put the first coat of paint on the master bathroom.

The kitchen is really starting to look amazing!  Matt starts to drool every time he looks at the range hood.  Just below the hood you can see the pipe where the pot filler faucet will be hooked up (it's really pretty).

The bottom left corner of the second picture is where the microwave will go (it looks like there's a hole in the cabinet), and I think my favorite part of the whole kitchen is in the middle cabinet of the peninsula.  There's a slide-out rack with shelves for all the pots and pans so they won't all be jumbled everywhere!

Now we're back at the apartment, relaxing and waiting for Downton Abbey to start (well, I am anyway!)


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