Thursday, August 29, 2013

Happy Kitchen

Our kitchen has been sad for the last few months.

The floor had been refinished, the counter tops were in, the sink was installed, the appliances were working great, and the cabinets were in place...

...well, all the cabinets except for one.

The corner appliance garage is supposed to be sandwiched between the counter top and the upper cabinet.  But apparently our counter tops are 1/2" thinner than they should be, because there was 1/2" of floating space between the pieces of the appliance garage and the cabinet it was supposed to attach to.

And then Jason, our carpenter, broke the appliance garage.

No, that's a good thing!  He was playing with it, trying to figure out a way to get it to fit, and the roll-up door came off the track and wouldn't roll any more.  Since it was still under warranty, Home Depot sent us a brand new cabinet, so Jason could cannibalize the broken cabinet and add pieces to the new cabinet.

Now our kitchen is happy and complete!

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