Thursday, August 1, 2013

Just call us the Garden-ers

One of the things Matt was most excited about when we moved into the house was that he was going to get to plant a garden.  I kill plants like it's my job, so I was happy to let him try.  We started seeds in a porch container back in April...

...and by the end of May we had some pretty promising green stuff going on!

And then Matt went a little crazy and kept trying to pack as much into as small a space as possible.  And now we have this:

Yeah, his drivers license should say "Matthew Garden-er".

Here's what we have growing in that jumble of greens:

Well, that's SOME of what is growing.  He kept planting more things and not telling me, so I'm not exactly sure what else we have underneath everything else.

baby zucchini

"sunset" cherry tomatoes - they turn orange, not red
There are 2 more kinds of tomatoes in the buckets - Roma (for sauce) and round slicing tomatoes for sandwiches.  The slicing tomatoes are growing nicely, and should start to turn red soon.

Matt found this monster underneath some of the zucchini vines.  It's seriously longer than the length from my elbow to my wrist.  Here is the comparison to a normal-sized banana:
found my zucchini bread recipe!  yay!
And that's not all!  Out on the deck we have strawberries (in the blue and white pot) and basil (in the bucket that says "lavender").  The lavender is with the lillies.  I was at the grocery store this week and needed basil - a pouch of basil leaves were $3, and a live plant was $2.  So here's another plant that I will approach warily and Matt can take care of it.

We've already been able to eat some zucchinis, cherry tomatoes, kale, spinach, and chard.  It's pretty fun for this city girl to be able to run outside and have dinner half-planned!

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