Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Apparently, Maine doesn't "transition" from summer to fall like the rest of the northeast.  In August, it was summer.  As soon as September hit, it was fall.  And these guys showed up:

These guys (um, gals?) really like our yard.  But at least they're not aggressive, they run/fly away every time I open the door to take their picture.

We had a free weekend in the middle of September, so we decided to fall-ify the porch a bit with some mums, pumpkins, and a Halloween bow on the door.
That's a cornstalk bundle on the right, not weeds.  Promise.

Matt finally planted the poor hydrangea that my aunt gave us for a housewarming gift (that got a bit neglected in it's plastic pot for a month and a half), and I planted some bulbs in the same garden bed.  Hopefully in the spring we should have some pretty tulips, daffodils, and other early-spring flowers.

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