Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snowed in

We didn't make it up to Maine this weekend, and it was nice to have a weekend off to sleep in and relax.  We have been up to the house every weekend since we got back from Long Island at Christmas.

So we got a bunch of snow at the apartment in Andover.  And, miraculously, we did NOT lose power!!

That's Matt trying to get the shovel out of my car (in the garage) so he could un-bury his car (not in the garage).  Notice how the snow drifted nearly up to the handles.  We got just about two feet total.

And how did the house in Acton do?

Our painter sent us that photo.  The plow guy cleared the driveway, but there was about 3 solid feet left on the walkway.

Some other fun things - here's the corner hutch for the dining room that we bought at the Black Friday sale at the Mill Store:

And this is a wall unit that Amy built about a million years ago that has been over her couch (ie, Aunt Cathy's couch) in 3 different apartments.  She decided it was just too big to take with her (it's taller than she is, seriously) when she and Bryn moved to Seattle last year, so I took it.

I'm really glad that I'll have something that was made by one of my friends.  PS, Amy and Bryn have been gone for a YEAR, y'all!  WHAAAATT??

I'm also kind of in love with the oil-rubbed bronze spray paint.  The ceiling fan in the living room was looking a little dingy and boring, so I decided to ORB it up.  Before:

And after spraying it to match the doorknobs, adding a pretty ceiling medallion, and a smaller matching medallion right over the lights so you can't see how ugly the "inside-the-lights" part is when you're standing in the loft:

So that's a little update, despite not being up there this weekend.

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