Monday, February 18, 2013

Matt was right

We took a drive to Ikea yesterday (in the snow), and Matt was right - it was a good thing we took his car, because everything we bought would definitely not have fit in my car. 

Saturday (also in the snow) we drove up to Acton for the day to check on progress. 

Here's a pretty view of the fan in the great room.  The electrician reworked some of the switches, so we will now be able to turn on the light AND the fan!  (Seriously, who puts in a fan with a light and then doesn't connect the light wires to a switch?!)

This is the view from the living room looking up at the loft and over towards the kitchen.  See, the paint is all done!  The railing in the loft will be stained when the floor gets stained this week.

This is the fireplace wall when we bought the house:

And the same wall now.  We will be putting in a gas fireplace insert and a stone surround.

The wall on the left faces the road at the front of the house, and the wall on the right faces the yard.  The sofa will go in front of the window on the right.

Also, I am LOVING the white trim.  I kind of drool a little every time I see it.  It looks so much nicer than the wood trim!

Before and after - standing at the front door, looking at the kitchen, with the stairs to the loft on the right:

Kitchen from the hallway:

Kitchen from the dining room:

Cement board is up, so we can have the backsplash tile put in (after the countertops):
Since we ordered the cabinets right after Thanksgiving, I had forgotten about all the cool extras we got!  If you look at the picture above, the cabinet to the right of the stove spot has a built-in cutting board!  So handy to have a cutting board with the knives.  This drawer was getting its face plate reattached, but it goes to the left of the dishwasher,so it's next to the dining room, and it has 2 cutlery trays.

This cabinet in the peninsula has a pull-out shelf for pots and pans and lids.  No more everything falling over!
This week the floors are getting patched, sanded, and stained.  I can't wait to see the results!

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