Friday, February 22, 2013

Mid-week updates

Big surprise, it's supposed to snow this weekend (again).  Thanks, February, you can stop now.  They did just downgrade the amounts, so even though earlier in the week our apartment in Andover, MA was supposed to get 6-8", and the house in Acton, ME was going to get 12"+, the whole region is forecasted to only get 2-4".  Not too bad.

On to the pictures!

Here's our ghetto temporary mailbox.  The previous owner had removed the mailbox (along with all the copper pipes and kitchen cabinets), and we didn't get around to digging a hole for the mailbox before the ground froze.  The lovely ladies at the Acton Post office reprimanded me and said they couldn't keep holding our mail for too much longer, so we went right out and fixed up this temporary solution.

It has probably already been knocked over by a plow or stolen by teenagers.  But we did try.

The floor guys were working hard this week installing the new hardwood floors in my office...

...which continues into the loft...

...and they also patched the hole inthe flooring where the pink tile was underneath the old wood stove.  See how you can tell the old, shiny, orangey hardwood from the new, lighter wood?

And they also installed all new flooring in the master bedroom, where there used to be carpet.  That door is rotted out, since there are no gutters on the back of the house (that's totally getting fixed this spring), so the door below is getting switched out for a pretty new french door.

Have a good weekend, and I hope it doesn't snow too much!

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