Monday, February 25, 2013

The floors!!

The floor guys were hard at work over the weekend.  This morning, Matt emailed over these pictures, and I wrote back "OMG I just died".  I meant in a good way, like died and went to walnut-stained-oak-floor heaven, but he thought I meant I didn't like them.  He needs more lessons on how to interpret Blonde.

Welcome to our new floors!

Remember when they used to look like this?

Wow, what a change, right??  Scroll back and forth a few times.  I pretty much spent my whole lunch break today going back and forth between those two pictures.

Here's the view fromthe corner of the living room, facing towards the dining room and kitchen.  Even the railing in the loft got the same stain!

And here's the opposite corner, in the dining room, looking at the kitchen.  PS, the back of the peninsula will get a pretty white board so it matches the cabinets.  It's hanging out in one of the bedrooms for now.

All the flooring in the rooms above were old floors, restained.  The flooring below is all new.  I can't tell the difference, can you?

Here is the master bedroom.  The door on the far wall goes into the master bath.  I love all the light.

 This is the loft area.

And finally, this will be my office, on the second floor off the loft.  See the ceiling fan inthe background?  That hangs over the living/dining rooms.

I honestly can't believe that step is done!  They need to do a couple of coats of poly, but this is a HUGE step!!


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