Monday, March 4, 2013

Hole-y walls, Batman!

This post is mainly about why you should always have gutters on your house.  Seriously, who doesn't put gutters on a house??  And if your gutter falls off, who doesn't replace it?!

Look ma, no gutter!

So anyway, long story short - the back of our house doesn't have gutters.  It did have a little tiny porch off of the master bedroom that looked a little old and rickety, which we were going to tear off anyway when we built the big, house-spanning deck this summer.

Flashback: back of the house last fall.
The little porch is on the left there.

We knew going in that we were going to knock off the porch and replace the door from the master bedroom, because everybody could tell there was water damage to the door, especially from the outside. Here is the door in question.

And when we got up to Acton on Saturday, our carpenter had this to show us:

Why yes, that IS a hand-sized hole in the back of the house!  And everybody knows that to fix a small hole, sometimes you need to make the hole bigger...
That's not supposed to be a window.  It's supposed to be a wall.

And then he covered it back up again with some new, water-resistant boards.

It can be a little hard to figure out what windows go where, so here's a pretty graphic for you:

Oh, and on Saturday night we went out in Sanford with some friends, and had margaritas that were SMOKIN.  Like, literally.

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