Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Slowly, slowly

HUGE news - the hot water heater is in!  We have just a little bbq-sized propane tank hooked up for the moment, but the big tank will be installed this week.  Hooray for showers!

Next, the french door from the master bedroom out to the (future) deck got replaced.

Old door:

New door:
so pretty

And the light on the ceiling fan in the living room finally works!  The light was wired, and the wire ran down the wall and stopped next to the switch box, but wasn't actually connected to any switches.  So the electrician did his thing and now we have a fan AND a light!

The tile guy set the tiles in the master bath last week.  I set up the vanities temporarily to make sure everything was looking the way we wanted it to.

Now for some grout!  That will be happening this week, and he'll also lay and grout the hall bath.

This week is going to be busy up at the house.  Aside from the tile guy and the painter working away, the kitchen sink should be delivered and installed, and then the countertop template can be finished, and the marble can be installed.  The floors are getting their final coats of poly, and then they'll be done.  Oh, and the appliances are coming on Saturday too!  We'll be busy busy this weekend.

PS isn't Onyx adorable?  He likes to make nests in the blankets.

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