Sunday, March 24, 2013

SO close!

So much got done this weekend!  Everything is finally starting to really pull together.

Matt and I drove up on Friday night because the appliances were scheduled to be delivered on Saturday morning.  How were we able to spend 2 nights up in Acton, when we've only spent 1 night at a time before?  We have a shower - and that includes hot water!

Here's a preview of how the oil-rubbed bronze hardware is going to look on the doors:

Our carpenter has been super busy.  He started putting all the baseboard trim back on, and is finishing up putting the kitchen together (I'll get to that more in a bit).

Here's my office:

It's so exciting!  It really looks so much more finished now.  Saturday we got the appliances.
Yes, there's still a LOT of snow up in Maine.

The previous owners tiled over the dryer vent for some reason, so only the washer is installed at the moment.  They dryer is hanging out in the hallway.

The fridge is all hooked up - water and everything!
I have to keep mopping up the drool.
Here is where we were on Saturday afternoon.

The countertops can't be installed until we got the sink set in the base, so we had Jay (the carpenter) make the opening a little bit bigger.
Here's how that will look with the faucet.

And now a sneak peek at the pot filler faucet that will go in above the stove!
Pasta, here we come!
Sunday I left Acton early to run to Ikea to pick up a shelving until for the master bathroom - and I got the next few pictures texted to me from Matt.

Now the glass-door cabinet is up on the wall, with cubbies underneath... and the panels and baseboard are in place.

Everything is my favorite part, but I think my FAVORITE favorite part is the little feet at the end of the peninsula...

...and underneath the sink!

Up this week: countertops, backsplash, finishing the master bath, final coat of poly on the floors... and then MOVING ON SATURDAY!!!  We're both so incredibly excited!

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