Wednesday, April 3, 2013

We're Mainers now!

Well, I guess Matt has always been a Mainer... But our move is complete!  We had a BEAUTIFUL day on Saturday - sunny and 60 degrees - and everything went really smoothly.  We have such amazing friends - Rose, Mike, Michelle, and Mark all helped us pack in Andover, and Matt B, Katie, Dave, Brandi, Jacot, and Matt's mom Charlotte helped us unload in Acton.  Matt's dad Neil was awesome and drove the truck for us.

We've been slowly unpacking, as well as doing some of the finishing touches like hanging the doors that had gotten painted and putting on hinges and doorknobs.

Here's a couple of photos from Saturday night, right after we unloaded the truck.
Living Room

standing in the living room, looking at the dining room and kitchen

other half of the living room

a corner of the loft

bedroom - kinda looks like home :)
We didn't see Onyx at all for the first 24 hours - and we finally had to swiffer him out from behind the washing machine to make sure he ate something.  Then at about 4am Monday morning he decided to yell at us because everything was so new and he didn't like it.

Yesterday and today we had some of the contractors in and out to do little things that couldn't get done in time before we moved.

Things like installing the vanities and medicine cabinets in the master bathroom...

 ...and hanging the pendants over the peninsula in the kitchen.

Tuesday was my first day of working remotely, and it definitely had its challenges.  Like, nothing I tested out before moving to make sure it would work actually worked correctly.  The IT guys at my office helped with some workarounds for now, and today was MUCH better.  It's definitely a big change to not have any coworkers around (even Onyx is still downstairs somewhere hiding/sleeping again), but I'm sure I'll get used to it.  Poor Matt has been sick since Friday, but he's still working so hard to get everything done with the house.  He's really doing so much, and I'm so lucky to have him.

Next up - countertops and living room furniture on Thursday!

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