Monday, April 8, 2013

Settling in

A couple of big changes, and a couple of smaller changes.  First, our countertops were installed and our new living room furniture was delivered, all on Thursday, which made it a little hectic.

Right after delivery

With some pillows. 
The sofa is a dark charcoal gray, and the recliner is a really dark chocolate brown.  Matt says the recliner is SOO comfortable - he actually fell right asleep in it the other night!

And now... for the countertops!
ooohh pretty

the peninsula

get a little closer
I keep wanting to pet the counters, and at the same time I'm almost afraid to touch them because they're just so pretty.

And then just this morning, the plumbers came to install the dishwasher and sink faucet, so when they weren't looking I stole this pic:
I never thought I would say it, but it will be NICE to actually be able to wash dishes again!
And then a couple of smaller things.  The spindles that I spent SO MUCH TIME sanding, priming, and painting a few months ago had been taken out when the floors got stained, and Jay (our carpenter) wasn't happy with how wobbly they were when they were getting reinstalled.  So, being a VERY safety-conscious guy, he installed them better so that any future kiddos who run into them won't go plummeting to the living room below.

One of the things I love about our house are some of the little details that make it super unique.  All of our windows have little wooden decorative panels that were taken out and painted.  Matt put all of those back in this weekend.

Here's a before (note Onyx's new spot):

And after:

I love how much more interesting the windows are with the panels!

I do have one more update... but it's a surprise for my dad and stepmom.  They're coming up this weekend, and I don't want to show them everything before they get here!  I'll share it next week though.

And finally, my internet/work phone issues are all resolved (knock on wood) so hopefully this week won't be as stressful as last week.  Happy Monday!

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