Friday, June 21, 2013

Local Wildlife

On Sunday, as I was getting the house ready for Sarah's bridal shower, I opened the front window and heard a lady yelling.  That's weird, we can't usually hear people up here.  Then I see my neighbor's cow from across the street go wandering up the road...

I have a feeling the phrase "my neighbor's cow" is going to be a much-used part of my vocabulary up here.

Today, I drove up to the post office at lunch, and when I came back, somebody ELSE was trying to cross the road...

Not a cow.

He was right smack in the middle of the lane, so I pulled in my driveway and ran out to the road to move him to the side.  That sucker was UNHAPPY about the help.  As soon as I picked him up, he started thrashing me with his tail, and trying to kick me with his back leg (flipper?).  I set him down n the side of the road, and he turned around really fast (seriously, why couldn't you just crawl that fast?) and just glared at me.  So I'm standing on the side of the road yelling "Go on, get!  The stream is right over there, stupid turtle!" and pointing.  Because turtles can totally understand yelling and pointing.  Since he didn't move, I went inside, but I've been checking every few minutes to make sure the stupid thing didn't try to go BACK across the road.

On the plus side, if he becomes a problem, I can always try to call the cute Game Wardens on "North Woods Law" on Animal Planet.  My husband never reads this blog, so I can say that here.

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