Wednesday, June 12, 2013

We've been married for a year!

No, that's not Matt, that's Milo the Alpaca that we met on our Memorial Day Weekend trip to Martha's Vineyard.

This is us on Monday, our first wedding anniversary, in our pretty kitchen.  We did a little anniversary trip to Brunswick, ME and got to walk around and look in the antique shops and little boutiques.  It was nice and relaxing.

Here at the house, we've been prepping to have the deck built.  We saved a bunch of money by Matt and a friend digging the enormous holes for the deck footings (seriously, 3' wide by 4' deep!).  Then this guy showed up to drop the first delivery off:

And this morning the contractor and his guys started framing the deck.

Then it started POURING so they left to eat lunch.

We have some tenants on the front porch.

Mama and the chicks aren't so bad.  Papa is annoying and keeps trying to peck his way into the house through every window on the first floor.  It also took him 3 weeks and multiple tries to build their nest - it kept blowing off that ledge because he didn't do it right.  Onyx can't wait for the front door to be left open.

And now for some magic!

Messy nook in the loft:

No more mess!

Amazing what you can do with a tension rod, a twin sheet, and some curtain clips.

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